72 inch T-5 fixture


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Does anybody make a decent T-5 fixture that is 72 inches long? I have a 150 AGA and like the convenience of a "All in one" fixture. I can not seem to find anything longer than 48 inches.



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Stay away from those pictured on that website. I have a 72 inch fixture with 8X54 watt bulbs. It uses 48 inch bulbs and the way they are staggered, the opposite end of the tank does not get anough light output as the middle part plus it uses one big reflector instead of individual ones to maximize T5 output. If you are still keen on getting it, I'll sell you mine really cheapas I intend to go retro. New bulbs are a month old as the crappy catalina bulbs that came with it burned-out in 2 months.


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For a 6' tank and T5 you are better off going retro...

Get 5' bulbs and stagger them.

Get individual reflectors...

Oh and use URI VHO as your actinic suppliments (if desired).



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Tom at Aquatinics.com is going to start selling one soon. Give him a call. I hope to get mine real soon. It is 72" long with 14 39watt bulbs.