800W tanning system DIY ??


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Hi, my neighbor was throwing this away: http://promolife1.stores.yahoo.net/tanmassun.html

So, I did a little dumpster diving because i hate to see things go to waste. Is there any DIY'ing that can be done do this? I know very little about these electrical things, but maybe someone out there can point me in the right direction. The lamp in it still fires, and its hot as hell if that helps with anything...haha

Brian Jones


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With it being MV, I don't see any use for the unit as it is, but perhaps you could get an hqi ballast/bulb and retro into it. If it has a built in fan, maybe you could use it to cool the canopy.


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Yeah MV is not good for fish tanks and I don't think the ballast will fire MH bulbs. But you could always take it apart and search for the ballast part number and see what it fires.


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you could use the 600W of radiant heat to heat and sooth your fish :)
Smart comments aside, it would be cool if you could find something that this would work for.