A Few Questions - First Maxima Clam


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I also just received my first Maxima Clam. I placed it high in the tank to take full advanatage of the 500W of lighting in the 90 gallon tank. However, it fell down to the sand bed during first two nights (about a 20" drop in water). Here are my questions:

1) The foot of the clam: Can they retract that up into their shell or can you always see a small whitish looking flesh material at the opening on the bottom? (I'm wondering if when it fell, my few small hermits just gobbled it up) :(

2) How long does it typically take for a clam to attach? Mine just simply doesn't want to attach or maybe it's foot was damaged on the ride to the bottom of the tank or my few smalll hermits decided to eat it's foot (see question 1)...:eek:

3) I placed a small glass bowl over the top of the claim to avoid the falls and current to allow him to attach. It's been over him now for 2 days. Still no attachment. Is this normal?:confused:
1. That 500 watts of lights, are they MH? What kind of lights was it under when you bought it?

As far as byssus apparatus and footing it would depend how far it is inside. Does it reacte when you touch it?

Far as attaching, IME if they like where they are they will normally attach pretty fast but sometimes it takes days. Nothing in concrete about how long it takes.

I would not put anything over him as that will reduce the lighting and also oxigen.

Yes, 500W MH...

I bought it from Dr. Mac & Sons. I believe he uses 400W MH Lamps per 2 square foot.

The foot: No it doesn't retract. As a matter of fact, I have never even seen it extend so I guess I don't know if it retracts. Since the clam is always closed, I can see the purple/blue mantle start to peak out as if the clam is about to open but then when you touch it, the mantle does contract.

The clam is 2.5 inches long. How long is his little foot? If I put him in a crevice when it actually is like 1/4" gap, can his little foot reach down and attach to this?

Do hermit crabs like the mucus coming off the mantle? The mantle itself? or the foot?