A Zoanthid Lover's Poll

A Zoanthid Lover's Poll

  • To gain knowledge on growing/maintaining a healthy Zoanthid population ?

    Votes: 80 80.0%
  • To seek help in solving Zoanthid related issues ?

    Votes: 40 40.0%
  • To look at pictures of Zoanthids only?

    Votes: 45 45.0%
  • To share your experiences and Zoanthid related knowledge?

    Votes: 36 36.0%
  • For identification, a nickname, a region, zo, paly or proto etc ?

    Votes: 15 15.0%
  • To post pics of your Zoanthids ?

    Votes: 22 22.0%
  • To just hang out and look around ?

    Votes: 28 28.0%
  • To meet/find local Zoanthid lovers ?

    Votes: 27 27.0%
  • OTHER, Please post your reply in the ZOANTHID LOVER'S POLL thread.

    Votes: 1 1.0%

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Please list the most important reasons why you come to the Zoanthid forum. If your reasons are not listed above, please feel free to post them here.

Thanks, Mucho
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Re: A Zoanthid Lover's Poll

Can you pick more than one?I would say the top 4 mostly is why I come here.
Pick as many as you want. You only have the one chance to post your selections so post them all at the same time. No one can see who you are and what you selected so don't be shy.

I would say the first 5 are the biggest reason with the first 2 being the most important as well as sharing my limited knowledge. I don't mind seeing pictures of zoas but it seems to have overtaken this forum as well as the "name my zoas" threads. Again, I don't mind, and actually enjoy, viewing the pictures of everyones zoas but it would be nice to get into more discussions about relavent topics. Just my 2cents and I hope that I did not rub anyone the wrong way.
Here is a IMO view on how this forum has changed since I came on here and where it is going.

When I first came on here there was a good balance between care/disease/pest discussion and picture posting. Back then I wasn't big into zoas but would come on here from time to time to read up on snails and nudis. I remember the excitement around Mucho's Nudi eating wrasse thread.

When the PPE/safecracker hit the scene the forum started evolving away from real discussions and more towards looking at pics for the purpose of identification, sales, trades, etc... There really isn't that much indepth public conversation on here. I met someone from a local club who has as much interest in zoas as I do and I feel like I could talk zoas with him all day. Perhaps one of the problems with this coral is that it isn't that hard to keep in your tank. Sure it takes good care and experience to get the best color/light/reproduction out of them, but the casual collector doesn't care about this as much. They want to see pics and buy/trade what they have.

This forum seems to be heading in a behind the scenes trading direction. You post your pics on here, people say nice zoas, you get PMs, and trade out your zoas. Occasionally you will see a good discussion, but for the most part they never pan out. People who have experience with zoas post with great pride what they have done right and wrong, but it never gets past the 8-12 excited members talk, if that!

to be continued after work....
All of the above - in varying degrees.

I'd agree that zoas aren't all that hard to keep, at least in my tank.

I did expect that posting zoa pics would generate more discussion. I thought I'd see people ask stuff like:
- Wow, nice zoas. What kind of setup are you running for those.
- Do you feed them?
- Do they fight?
- How did you get the colors to look like that?
- How fast do they grow?
- What kind of photoperiod are you using?
- Do you have any special procedures or tricks?

But mostly it seems that people don't ask on the pic threads. Even some people will post, "pics only, please" on their thread in the various forums.

I like the pics, but would welcome more discussion about the technical/practical stuff.
I don't frequent this forum, but, occasionally browse because:

- There are always a lot of photos
- I like seeing the new rediculous nicknames created for some of the zoanthids
One of the things I've seen on the various forums, and not just reefing, is that as a forum matures, its body of knowledge becomes fairly complete and comphrensive.

The more senior members don't have all that much cool new stuff to discuss, and the discussion turns toward newbie topics. On some of the other forums, the senior members are super good about mentoring newbies. On other forums, the newbies have become so "obnoxious", that the senior people stop posting because few people appreciate the knowledge they can share.
Slightly off topic, but related to the direction of the forum...

Names can help ease keeping track of morphs. Names for sales hype can shift the focus care and raising of the animals themselves.

Ok, how about Canis domesticus? There are tons of morphs of those, and not much bashing over the accepted morph names.

How about the latin names themselves? Are they less ridiculous because they are in another language?

Callicebus aureipalatii
Montipora digitata
Calypte anna
<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=6925155#post6925155 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Mr. Ugly
Slightly off topic, but related to the direction of the forum...

Names can help ease keeping track of morphs. Names for sales hype can shift the focus care and raising of the animals themselves.

Ok, how about Canis domesticus? There are tons of morphs of those, and not much bashing over the accepted morph names.

I understand why some of them are given nicknames, but on the other hand a lot of people use it as a "marketing" tool. To each his own, but I have seen "PPE", and by looking at them, it makes me think that the well-known name thrown out there is what brings in money for them.

You have to admit, I'm sure one or two names that someone has come up with have made you laugh :)

How about the latin names themselves? Are they less ridiculous because they are in another language?

I work with foreign languages. I'll let you answer that question yourself :)

Yep re the PPE label. I think there are lots of zoas that look just as nice, if not nicer.

Yep about the funny names too :)

About latin names and foreign languages.... yeah, my degree is in Bio, and marine bio was my favorite. Scientists can be pretty funny when picking new names for organisms :)

Science is all about analysis, categorizing, labeling, theorizing, experimenting, understanding, etc. Naming helps with that. If you translate the latin names, you see that species are identified and named after location, shape, color, people, whatever. Extending the naming process to intraspecific morphs is useful too.
Great topic as always Mooch.;)

I've been a part of this Website for a long while now. I have seen trends come and go. Corals will always have names. Be it PPE, Purple Monster or Waving Hand. (Yes, Xenia was once as popular as PPE's).

This particular forum is wonderful because it gives people that love this specific coral a chance to learn a lot about these animals and become part of the zoa loving community.

This particular forum is excellent because there is a lot of mentoring and many people with a lot of experience.

Heck, this thread starter was TOTM.:)

Bottom line, more hands on experimenting and discovery on zoanthids is accomplished by Aquarists in this forum, then in most of the scientific community. It would be great if more scientists would study zoanthids. There is a topic that is stuck at the top of this forum that is proof that Zoanthids aren't as easy to keep as initially thought by most Reef Aquarists.

Mr. Ugly, that is awesome that you're a biologist, we need more of you here.;)
ckfazz, could you share with us some of the things you would like to see here in this forum. Thanks.

ficklefins, I read you loud and clear my friend. Could you also list some of the things you would like to see in this forum as well. Not trying to be smart mouth or anything, just would really like to hear your ideas. I have tons of my own, but would I would much rather entertained the ideas of others.

In your first paragragh, you mentioned that there use to be a balanced discussion on care/disease/pest. You're so right in that it is very easy to keep/maintain Zoanthids, but it is equally hard to keep them if you don't do that basics to keep them happy and thriving. You stated that the "casual collector doesn't care about this as much. They want to see pics and buy/trade what they have." If the casual collector doesn't care, they should. There are a lot of little things that one can do to retard growth as well as accelerate it. I am currently working on accelerated growth and I'm blown away by what I've seen here at home.

Why do you feel that the serious discussion threads die so quickly?

I feel that they are "THEE" most important threads to get involved with. Doing so expands ones knowledge thereby directly having an instant impact at home.

I agree and wish that more Z-keepers would take part in the serious discussions.

Mr. Ugly, I am not a senior member and I will try to be as careful as possible saying this so I don't sound cocky or arrogant. I have sitting on my desk on 4 sticky notes, 23 topics of discussions that relate directly to Zooanthids. I could talk for a solid month about them. My friend there is so much to talk about and discuss relative to Zooanthids. This is one of the reasons the TOTW was created. I see 50 votes for those reefers who come to this forum to gain knowledge on keeping zoas, yet on 12 reefers responded to the first Topic Of The Week which began two weeks ago.


Mark went to great lengths, great lengths to pull that together and only 12 reefers responded with over 250 views. I don't understand that to be perfectly honest. There are thousands of views and post for pics. Pics are fine, we all love them, but what will one do when a serious issues arises and you don't know how to handle it. With weekly discussions, debates and involvement, keeping a healthy and prosperous zoaanthid collection will become incredibly easy. There is a vast amount of experience and knowledge right here at our own doorstep. 90 % of what one needs to know is right here. AGAIN, I'm not knocking pictures.

As for the reefers who choose to be "obnoxious", well, I just think it's disrespectful. I can still recall the disagreement that WHODAH and I had and we never, not once took a shot at each other and we discussed it openly and maturely. He has my respect for that.


I first need to apologize as I never even saw the TOTW thread. Mostly likely it was because I did not look hard enough at the posts but would it be possible to make each new one a sticky with an archive folder for the older ones? This way each topic would be easy to locate.
A few things that I would like to see would be as follows:
1) Keep the pictures coming but not on such a repetative basis. It seems like there are 20 "look at my zoas" threads for every 1 somewhat serious topic.
2) The TOTW threads are an awesome idea and I hope that they will continue. These will be a great way to gain and pass knowledge on about these corals.
3) Perhaps other threads where people explain what has NOT worked for them to better understand the husbandry behind zoa growth and health.
These are just a few ideas that may or may not be valid, but just ones that I felt would help fellow reefers understand zoas a little better. I think that what I would like to see the most has already begun with the TOTW thread.

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I will try not to sound cocky or arrogant,:rolleyes: but at the end of the day, isn't what we're doing here to please the eye?
Like growing a flower garden, we grow our reef tanks to be admired by ourselves and onlookers.

Myself, I am not above posting pictures of my corals. It's part of the reason we're all here. That might be why the TOTW isn't doing as well as one might think. I posted on it and gave positive and constructive feedback, but it's the individuals that post pictures that have the real proof of what works.

Case and point... I know a very well known Reef Aquarist that is a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to reefs. Yet, with all this knowledge and experience, this persons reef tank was unimpressive.

It would make sense if you saw another reefers pictures of their aquarium/corals and it was a representation of what you would like to achieve, you would then do as they do.

Why not start a mentoring program? Or maybe even a TOTW where you ask if anyone has considered a mentor and why?
But not who.

Does this make any sense?

Reef Junkie,

I understand what you are saying but not everything works in every tank. That is why I feel that the TOTW thread will hopefully work becuase if the majority see results doing a certain thing, than it would be safe to say it would be one of the "guidlines" to keeping zoas healthy. I don't mind the pictures, I really do enjoy seeing them. Just not 20 post to every 1 serious post. Maybe if the people who post the pictures state some of the details of how they keep them, it would not be so bad but the picture posts seem to be overpowering this forum.
Call me Bill.:)
I agree, I think the TOTW is an awesome idea! I wouldn't despute that. It's the volume of posting on a more results oriented thread that has some of the more serious reefers dismayed.

I will post on TOTW threads and I do post on other serious threads as well. Yet, there only seems to be a handful of people on this forum that are truely interested in pursueing serious threads.

Not meant as a knock, but if done right, almost any aquarium can support almost all of the corals in this hobby.;)
These wonderful animals survive if the proper parameters are provided. Temp, ph, alk, salinity, water current, lighting... So often what you find is statements like "My zoanthids are dying and my tanks parameters are perfect, help!"

Normally, the tanks parameters aren't perfect and the person might be too new to realize their error. Or a veteran that overlooked something. Even a monkey falls out of a tree.:D

That is why TOTW is such a stellar idea!

Yet, here is where I'm going to throw a word around that seems to be an albatross around the neck of this forum; MARKETING.:D

For instance, if this current topic of the week were able to not only carry a serious discussion, but also provide pictures for those not quite past the eye candy, maybe there would be more discussion?

"My tank has a lot of current and my zoanthids exhibit X type of behavior and look wonderful. Here is picture of coral A about 20 inches from a Seio."

Not only would you contribute your experience, you would have a picture to back up your findings. Plus, it would then show a Jr. reefer exactly what they want to see. Eye candy and a step to replicating it.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I should've probably posted this in the TOTW thread. :rolleyes: