acrylic from Lowes??


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So i am ready to take on a new kind of diy project.. building an acrylic sump!

from all my previous diy projects i have a bunch of store credit from lowes...

Will the acrylic sheets that lowes sells work for building a sump??



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i buy my acrylic from a material supply company, look in your yellow pages, one of the supply companys will stock sheets of acrylic, much cheeper, 1/4 thick 8' x 4' sheet cut in half cost $84.
also sign companys have acrylic sheets.


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The only problem with the Lowe's acrylic is that it is extruded acrylic. For those who don't know there are two types, cast and extruded. Extruded is pretensioned due to the process of forcing it through hot rollers, it is much easier to crack and generally weaker as a result. Cast arcylic is more expensive but is made from a mold and has no existing shear planes of weakness and is much more resilient.