Adding a Flame Angel with a Coral Beauty


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I currently have a 75 gallon tank that's been running for 10 months. I added a small coral beauty 7 months ago. He was 1.5" and is now close to 2.5-3".
I was wanting to add a Flame Angel as well, but know that angels can be pretty aggressive with each other. If I were to try to introduce a Flame Angel, should it be smaller or bigger than my currently established Coral Beauty?


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Once you get a dwarf angel established it's pretty hard to add another one. When I add multiple species to a system I always make sure they are are going to be compatable in a QT where I can easily remove one if needed before adding to a DT


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You could try an acclimation box for a few days,
75 gallons isn't to big so a piece of egg crate (plastic lighting panel) down the middle or wherever rocks permit you.

Flames are rather tough, they have character so if you get a bigger one I'd wager he'd eventually hold his own.
I have a current flame angel who has hunted down and chased large butterflys to their death and has taken chunks out of a grouper of mine which has kept it secluded only until time to eat.

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Two of anything established is not a comfortable situation for either in anything too small to let them spend a lot of time not seeing each other. Exception is a mated pair of something, but then none of their neighbors may be safe.