AGA lighting strip ?


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I have an AGA stock set up, 75 gallons. I was going to drill it soon, but need more time before I can purchase all the equipment.Since I have about 50+ lbs of dry rock I think I will set up this tank as FOWLR until I have the money to buy the lighting, return pump, etc. I would like give the dry rock more time to cure. I have had the dry rock curing for a while in a brute container. I don't mind giving it more time in my DT. That way I can be sure it has plenty of time to leach out all it's phosphates before I go fully into reef setup. I think I will keep it bare bottom until evertying is ready. I had the tank going for many years as a freshwater tank. The lighting strip is a stock AGA flourescent strip. Can I replace the bulbs with these: plan on getting the cycle going with what I have on hand. Then either drilling out the 75 or switching out for a 90rr. Thoughts?


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sorry- no those are vho bulbs whic requirs a different ballast- all you can run on that strip are regular fluorescent bulbs - If you are running a fowlr your ok -but honestly for reef ypu should upgrade your lighting


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Hello Stiltman,

I say go for it with your NO (normal output) bulbs--you can find a number of NO bulbs that will help grow a bit of beneficial algae in a FOWLER for the fish to graze on. There are many, many ways to add additional light once you have a taste for more--inexpensive LED strips are but one way to achieve this (even IKEA sells them).

This way, you'll have plenty of time to get used to the dynamics of water parameters and the like so when you're ready for a full-blown reef, you be much better prepared because of experience.

You can always follow the entrepreneur's motto: "fail early, fail often"--pays off in the long run!

Go for it--don't wait for the ideal!



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Thanks guys. Dry rock has been curing for a few months in a barrel. Now it's in the DT. I planning in going with LEDs, but need time to get all my equipment.

For now I'll replace the lights. At a minimum i want to ensure the rock has plenty of time to leach all phosphates. I can do that in the DT with no lights. If I can maybe I'll get a clean up crew going.