AGGRESSIVE percula clowfish


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So I bought a purcula clownfish three day ago for a 10g and found it to be very aggressive. For example I put my hand in the tank and he darts for my hand and bites it. He also turns around and hits my hand with it's tail? what is your experience with perculas? are they in general aggressive or does my fish just have a aggressive personality? I would like to get a smaller percula so they might eventually spawn but I'm worried about killing other fish that I introduce.



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The 10g is too small, he's probably stressed. A 10g is a very small tank, usually considered to be suitable only for small gobies and similar fish. Perhaps consider an upgrade if you want a clown pair, or maybe try a pair of ocellaris clowns? (Probably misspelled that.) They might work instead of perculas, but I'm not sure.
They tend to be aggressive, yes. Clownfish are damsels.

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Just to answer your question, if I get to close to where mine hang out I have been nipped at. They are defending their territory.

As an aside I agree that your 10g is to small for the clown. I would probably do an invert tank such as sexy shrimp. Good luck


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Fish options for a 10g:
Very small shrimpgobies (pair with candystripe pistol)
Clown gobies
Neon gobies
Eviota gobies
Masked gobies
Only a few, maybe two or three. Three masked gobies and a bunch of sexy shrimp would be cool.