Aiptasia removal service (free)


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I recently purchased a copperband that has an appetite for aiptasia like ive always heard about , but never really been able to find..

So now after less than 2 weeks my tank has 2 aiptasia left (one is monster.. other is down in a crack) and i used to have an infestation taking over..

So anyways.. if youve got rocks you want cleaned, and you dont have anything horrible going on in your tank, your welcome to drop them off for a cleaning.. may take a week or so.. but the aiptasia will be gone... and avoids having to boil it and killl everything else..

or this could just be a worthless idea... its me, so i figure chances are 70/30 :bum:



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Wow, that must've been one hungry Copperband, cause you had aptasia out the wazoo!
You hear this Papasmurf?


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first off let me start by saying this is my 4th attempt at a CB and its the first one that has eaten aiptasia..

second, i want no crap for having gone to AA.. It was during the half price sale so instead of 79.99 i paid 40 which 30 was in the form of a gift card..

third, he doesnt seem to want to eat much else (tried meat and veggie pellets, frozen mysis, frozen mussel, and cyclopeeze). Im gonna have to resort to live brine when i see him no longer pecking around at the rock..

So really, its not a bother to clean your rock.. will help keep him alive too.. If CB's werent so fragile id try and get him out sell him off to someone else in the club..


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Thanks Porky,

Got me a racoon,put him in my sump, and feed him rocks from my tank. He don't eat the rock, but he's H--L on aiptasia.


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give him time .mind did the same but now he eats frozen brine shrimp ' he's probably still has some aiptasia you've not seen .