Algae Identification (with pic)


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Hello Everyone,

My tank has been running for a month now, Im running rowaphos and all my parameters are good except for my nitrates which are at or under 20ppm.

I've noticed this algae growing on the back glass and on the input for the protein skimmer. It keeps growing but it is not spreading really fast. None of my snails are eating it. I dont think its hair algae because I have a bit of that on the output of my trickle filter, and this does not look like that. Can anyone tell me what it is and if it is bad?

(picture should be vertical)




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these almost look like macro aglae, they seem to "sprout" from a single point and grow long "stems" with little leaves. they start out as little stubs on the glass, they aren't slimy and they dont spread out like a film.

any other ideas?



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I have some of it. Sort of neon green and wiry. It's not like the typical fernlike bryopsis. It also just tacks itself on the glass. Comes off the galss easily with a toothbush.