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One of my clownfish went missing... What are the chances that my mushroom ate it? Don't clownfish host in these things all the time? It's strange that this fish would just disappear, there was nothing on the floor around the tank so I don't think it jumped. When I came home yeasterday afternoon I noticed the fish missing and the mushroom was cupped up with digestive organs and fluids coming out of it, but I looked in and there was no fish. I was only gone 30 min, so it would have had to happen fast. There are no other fish larger than the clownfish and no inverts larger than a cleaner shrimp, so the mushroom is the only thing I can think of. What do you think?

The shroom:

Maybe a little clarification also as to the difference between Amplexidiscus Fenestrafer and Rhodactis mussoides. I'm pretty sure its Amplexidiscus, but alot of the info out there is very confusing. Mainly because I see them both referred to with the same common names.

Also, my aquascape is very minimal so there's not very many places for a bright orange fish to hide... :rolleyes:


Amplexidiscus is a fish eater, and clowns are a prime victim because they dont pay attention to the mushroom cupping around them.


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I always knew it ate fish, but i guess I was thinking the opposite about the clown. i noticed my tank raised clowns stay away from it. :) I see people keeping clowns with these all the time. I guess its time for a species tank for the shroom if the wife insists on replacing the clown...