Anemone in Friday, hosting Sunday!


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Well guys I have had a pair of misbars (who have had their stripes grow to alllmost full bars) since January of 07. I had tried frogspawn, xenia, you name it for these guys to host.

If you see my avatar, they preferred the freebie veggie clip I got.

Well took home my RBTA friday night- acclimation went very well, it was very sticky and took hold right away. Saturday it spent the day walking just a little bit to find the perfect nook to stick its foot into- I am surprised it isn't more on top of the rock- it may eventually move up if it wants more lights (teklights 4x54 t5ho)

Yesterday I felt comfortable enough to turn my powerhead back on and everything looks good- theres a great gentle current ruffling its tentacles and today low and behold .. while I was napping to try to get rid of this head cold I have - tadaa they are hosting already! I never thought they'd hop in so fast!




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Wowy what a beautiful RBTA! Your clowns must have thought they better get in it quick before someone else takes it! Gorgeous! :D


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great looking anemone! Im sort of new to the clown terminology.. "Misbars"? Are those ocellaris with just partial middle white stripes?

curious because I didnt think Ocellaris hosted BTA's too often..


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beautiful anenome.. Thats the exact one I am looking at for my tank. Those fish knew what a good looking place that would be.


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"Misbar" is a term for when they dont have complete bar coverage (not like the cingular raising the bar, the clownfish kind hehe)

Mine almost have full bars they just dont wrap all around its most apparent on the tail. When they were younger they had less bar coverage than now. I'm wondering if they wont grow in complete or stay almost complete?

Mine are true percs so far as i know although the pics above kinda make them look like occ - When you see them in person they have the iridescent orange ring around the eye if that helps