anemone moving or current too strong


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i have a flower anemone in my 24g aqua pod and i placed it in the front of the tank but now a day later it moved to the back of the tank where i can hardly see it or reach it.....i dunno if my current moved it or he moved himself
...i think this b/c wen i first put it in if i didnt place it right it would like blow away.....could i have tooo much current i have a maxi jet 1200 and a mini jet 606

mini jet---159 gph
maxi jet - 295 gph
total-------454 gph
turn over--19x


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An anemone will mover where ever it wants. So where it ever it stays put you'll need to assume it likes it there, even if its where its pitch black. So try and mimic the place its in and rework your aquascaping to a place thats viewable if thats what you want.

What are your water params? temp? Theres alot more to anemones then flow.



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i'm not saying the flow is irritating it i'm saying the flow is blowing it away b/c it looks like it is pressed up the back wall of flow