Angel with cloudy eye. What to do?


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I have a small asfur angel that had lympho.

I treated it with Quick Cure and the Lympho went away, but one of the angels eyes became cloudy and he stopped eating.

I immediately did a water change and added some Melafix.

The next day his eye was a bit more coudy and swollen, so I also did another water change and added some more Melafix.

The Angel is in a 30 gallon quarantine tank by itself.

Any other suggestions on how to treat this guy.
If the melafix is not having a positive effect then it is time for the antibiotics. Either Maracyn II or Nitrofuran work well.
Try to get it in his food somehow.

Try to get it in his food somehow.

I have found administering these meds both in the q tank and in the feed is ideal, if you can soak freeze dried shrimp or other acceptable food in a liquid form of the antibiotics. Injection is the most effective means but beyond the abilities of yours truly...
I agree with both responses above. My bluefaced came down with that crap about a year ago. I isolated her, in a bucket of all things, and medicated her with Kanamycyn and Nitrofurazone (double dose), and aerated the crud out of the water. I also got her to eat medicated food. Fortunately, she cleared up in a few weeks. I can't even tell now that she ever had a problem. If your Asfur has the same stuff my angel had, don't screw around with it. Hit it fast and hit it hard. This stuff doesn't mess around, it'll blind the animal quick, then kill it. A number of shops in my area were having the same problem, at the same time I was, and were losing angelfish left and right. I was amazed at how many stores were willing to just write off the animals once the problems started, even after I had explained my success. Wouldn't even try.

i recnetly went thru this and found that kanamycin or erythomicin works realtively well. I did double up on the meds in that I also added a dose of copper to this. The treatment lasted 5 days, the bacteria disappeared at 3 days. Why...i have no underlying cause for my lions cloudy eye, and often times bacterial infections will results as a secondary infection primary to ich or another disease. So i didn't take any chances. YOu really can't mix antibiotics effectively, but copper and one of these appears to wrk okay. I would definately isolate this angel and treat away from the main tank, unles you observe few fish w/ it.
I'm w/ Bill on this if an antibiotic is ineffective in 3-5 days move on.
I just got some Marasyn 2 ans will use it tonight.

Thanks for all the advise and I'll post the results in a few days.

Copper will not cure a bacterial infection and I don't recommend using it unless it is to treat for a parasite. You can mix some antibiotics very well. Some examples of this are Maracyn 2 with Maracyn (although Maracyn has little use for SW fish), Maracyn 2 and Nitrofurazone, Nitrofurazone with Neomycin. THe right combination is more effective than a single antibiotic. In the case of popeye or cloudy eye Maracyn 2 is my first choice. Use it at the DOUBLE DOSE each day for 7 days.
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as i mentioned copper is not an antibiotic, never sai dit was...i mentioned that i use copper as bacterial infections can be secondary to parasites. There are a few antibiotic combos which work list them..there are many that do not work and worse .Thats why you don't mix antibiotic therapies in humans
As I mentioned above, I bought some Maracyn 2 last night.

However, when i got home the angel's eye was looking much better.

So, I did another small water change and added some more Melafix.

This morning it looked even more clear.

So, I don't know if I am going to need the anti-biotics after all.

What do you think? Should I use the Maracyn 2 anyway, as a precaution?

Play it by ear. She just may have bumped it on something. But definitely stay on top of it.