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Could I keep a majestic or regal angel in a 55 gallon? copps has kept a regal in a 60 reef so it hought i could give it a shot. Also how big do each get. You may also share your own experiences with these angels.:) :)


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Keep in mind I specifically stressed for this reason in the article that we were having a house built and my large system would be up... long term any large angel would not work out in a 55 in my opinion despite them not reaching full size in captive situations...

More important with regals is your experience level as these... also have a beer on the weekend and read through the regal angel thread for more info...

Majestics adapt much easier, yet still long term a 55 would not suffice...

Hope that helps... and I share your passion for these beautiful fish!


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I totally agree with Copps, a 55 is big enough for a dwarf angel but I would go at least 120 for a regal and larger for the majestic. Both of these fish can get as large as 8-10 inches. There are a bunch of smaller angels that would do great in a 55.

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can you guys make a list of all the angels i could keep in a 55?

Well, that depends on what you hae now.


Cherub Angel
Coral Beauty
Flame Angel
Lemonpeel Angel


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Any of the centropyge family would be fine. Flame, Coral Beauty, Bi-Color, Potters, Lemonpeel, multicolor, eibli

And some of the Genicanthus stay pretty small like the watanabei

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What kind of system is this? Reef, FO, a lot will depend on what kind of corals you want to keep. You can keep any dwarf in a 55 but some of them are pretty rough on corals.

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What is the largest size of fish I could keep (e.x. 4 in. fish 6 in. fish 8 in. fish). This will be a F.O.W.L.R. but I will keeping mushrooms.