any way of motivating anemone to move?


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I know everyone says let the anemone do its thing, but after placing my rose bud into my tank it made its way to back between a rock and the back wall and cant be visible from the front, you could make it out from the side if you know what youre looking for. Really bummed and wish it was up front , on top of the rock work, ill even be happy if it was on the sides of the rock work. Any advice?


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The only thing that has worked for me is pointing a powerhead direct at it, but anemones do what ever they want.

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Its most likely hiding from your lights (light shock). leave it be and it will eventually show itself again and find a place it likes.


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hey Pav, I'd just let it be. Like Neoburn1035 said, they'll do whatever they want!!

I think it may be from the flow. I've got some powerheads pointed at the front glass from the back wall & it seems that my nems always stay towards the back between an overflow & a rock. I've seen a lot of tanks where there's a similar flow setup & the nems never go towards the front.

I think that eventually it will open up & extend above the rocks for you.

Also, :deadhorse:.......cover all your powerhead inlets, unless you want to wake up & find anemone confetti all over your cube. :eek1:


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I froze some ro water in an ice tray and held it near the nems foot. However, I was trying to get it to detach comepleatly, not just have it move on its own. It worked, though! I suppose you can try it and just place it somewhere else in the tank hoping that it dosen't go back to where you don't want it to be.


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I'd let it be mine did the same for about 3-4 days and now he's on the top of the rock.

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Good news and some bad news. Good news is the rose bud decided to move last night, I didnt try to move it, let it do its own thing like everyone suggested. It made its way up the rock work and is currently on top / back of the rocks where i dont mind it stay. Bad news is its right next to the heater, should I move the heater or not worry?


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Move the heater. If the nem attaches to it and the heater turns on, the nem will get burned. I learned the hard way. Move it where the nem is very unlikely to get to it.