anyone have a....


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I have a canister (just the canister) that came with the tank I bought. (used for freshwater).

It is currently sitting in my garage with bio balls in it. I also have some pre-cut poly circles made from a big sheet that you can put inside.

You are welcome to borrow it.

I think it is a Ocean Clear canister.


Hey man, I have a fluval 205 you can use. Sitting in the garage. It has short hoses that I cut up when it was attached to my overflow so you may have to rig somthing. I will be back in Az Sunday with a prayer.

I also have several aquaclear HOB that will clear the water up with floss and foam. Let me know.


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hey ryan i have a fluval 400 sitting in my storage closet at my apartment you can use.

Also are you free after 12:30 or so on monday? I have the day off and have everything ready for the sump but the pump and have no clue where to get a air syfoner at. But i figure we can put everything together and get teh sump going after the pump comes in. Plus i'll bring over the fluval for you to use.


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If you need one tonight i'm going to the airport to pick my mother up. i can leave early and drop it off on the way. Where do you live
(Cross streets)?