Anyone have any 3/4" locline fittings they can spare?


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Just looking for a short piece with either a flare or just standard nozzel ending? I just don't want my engineer goby or blenny to perch in the opening of one of my outlet tubes to my movement kit in my tank...

Thanks! I think some came with some pumps because I found 1 set in my 'junk box o'reef stuff'.

i have one... the 1-1/4" flare nozzle tips. You can have it for a discount on the RO unit ;) how convenient for you! haha
Do you happen to also have the threaded part? I forgot that if I didn't have that piece the whole thing would be useless!
i used both of them on my tank today. Call them up (Premium aquatics) and order one.. theyre like $2. Talk to jeremy... hes a nice guy. He even sent me some adaptors free of charge once i told him the stuff i got wasnt fitting right.
I have some as well, but I'm a bit north of you. If you are going to Fragapoolza, I can bring them along for you to pick from!