Anyone have any dry rock for sale?


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Like the title says, im needing some dry rock to do some aquascaping with. Im in the transition to going all sps and have been selling all my softies so im looseing rock fast!! I also have a couple softies i can trade or sps i can frag. I have to trade...... green and brown star polyps, both rocks are good size. Red mushroom rock ( 20 or so plus some babies ). 2 foot by 1 foot sinularia. Again i can frag some sps too. looking for all sizes and shapes.
forgot to mention i have a couple frags of yellow polyp toadstool and maroon toadstool.
I also have a 14 gallon biocube with a 150w viper light.
I remeber that but didnt know if he had any left. I figured he was out of town again so i thought i'd try this and try to get rid of some stuff at the same time.
i think im keeping the ric's and yumas scott, but i can frag some for you. I have a really nice yuma right now purpleish ( is that a word ) pink. Its on a fist size rock. very pretty!!