Anyone have LR in Syracuse?


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I have a tank laying around that I'm thinking of setting up as a FOWLR or pipefish tank. Need 40lbs or so of LR. Anyone got some extra??


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ABC Reefs carries Marco Rock, no Hydroids. I think @ $5.50 lb but I am sure Tim would cut a deal on quantities. They also have a bunch of the basic fiji, fully cured for $5.50 as well.


They also have the real good stuff!! The pieces are beautiful. I think it's like African or something. I may be completely wrong!


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Actually I heard it was all from metorites. Something about space chemicals growing coraline better. I dont know for sure, I'm not a scientist


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no they pull the rock from the top of mount Everest, you get the best pieces from there!

I heard they were from Uranus.