anyone use or hear of reef chili coral food?


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just saw some on another site. people were giving it great reviews. anybody use or know someone who does use this product? any opinions on how effective it is? thanks guys


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I know there are users here who have experience and posted positive reviews, I don't have any first hand experience with it though, my LFS just carries sally's products.


Acropora Nut
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I use it in my SPS dominated reef and so does a friend of mine. It's great stuff and it's not expenxive. A little goes a long way! The little SPS polyps seem to love the food. GSP will eat the crap out of it also. It's also good for all the filter feeders in your reef.

It's just another thing i feed the tank, it's good to add variety.


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I have used it for a few months now and stopped using phytoplankton at the same time. Nothing seems to be negatively affected by the change. It's convenient, cheap, and easy to use.


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I was a bit hesitant to use it - seems like freeze-drying would not really preserve all of the nutritional value that maybe frozen food would have. Anyway, truth is when I feed it most everything in the tank seems to go crazy for it. I've noticed the little hitchhikers which we often ignore or overlook love it, especially the worms (peanut, spaghetti, bristle, etc.).


I use it every few nights. LPS open up and seem to like it. alot more than when I just feed phyto or cyclopeeze.