Anyone using a DC pump on a closed loop system?


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Im thinking about doing a closed loop on my next tank and want to see if anyone has switched over to the DC pumps that are available now. If you have, what do you like or hate about it?

Ron Reefman

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I wish I could help more, but...

J have a 2400gph Reeflo pump that has been running a Ocean Motion 4 CL for 4 years. It has had an issue and Reeflo was great with customer service. But now it is getting loud, so I have ordered some Jebao DC12000 pumps. One for the CL, one for my in supm and one as a back up. It is a new pump and a somewhat suspect manufacturer, so I got a back up and I'll keep my Reeflo just in case. But they were so cheap in a group buy that I couldn't pass them up.

When they arrive I'll post pics of the install, but I think I'm still 2-3 weeks out from delivery. Like I said, I wish I could help more...