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I'm going to be picking up an Apex Controller. What do I need to get an internet connection without hard-wiring it?


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Netflix game adapter, like $20-$25 at best buy.


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One downside about not hardwiring is that you do not want to do firmware updates using a wireless connection. Just remember to run a network line if and when you do the firmware updates. This is very important.

My apex was pretty far from my router but I was able to run a long ethernet cable to the Apex to simplify the installation. Actually, I installed another network switch in the closet next to the Apex so I could run a couple lan lines upstairs through the floor to my Directv receiver and Sling Box as well. I just ran the cable from the router through some cabinets and along the baseboard to the tank closet.

Depending on where your router is located, you may be able to drop a cable nearby. Even if you setup a network hub between the router and the Apex and run a second cable to the Apex, hardwiring will simplify the setup and make configuring it a bit easier. Having said that, lots of people run their Apex from wireless adapters but being in the computer industry, I much prefer hardwiring where ever possible even if it means getting creative with cable runs.