AquaC EV series skimmers


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I enjoyed your article "Skimming Basics 101: Understanding Your Skimmer".

How does the AquaC EV series of skimmers fit into this picture? They seem to have a good reputation but I didn't see them directly addressed in your article (although I see the pointer to their web site). They use some kind of special injector so I assume they are similar to a Beckett type of skimmer but they also have some kind of modified reaction chamber. I bought and EV120, mainly for its compact size and am generally happy with it. Your articles will help me get the best use out of it because I am not yet very familiar with the parameters that matter the most.

I am looking forward to the rest of your articles. This particular topic had been on my mind as I set up my new tank with just live rock, a sump and a skimmer. Skimming is the only real control I have over the system. I am now trying to figure out the best kind of skimmate to achieve and also trying to understand if and when to turn the skimmer off during feeding (I feed DT's phytoplankton to my filter feeders), and if there is such as thing as excessive skimming, even for a tank with mainly fish and invertebrates hitchhiking on live rock.

Thanks again for the clear explanation in your current article..
Howdy fellow texan;
I'm glad you enjoyed the article.
The AquaC injector is in essence a spray head similar to the ETSS downdraft style. What Mr Kims has done is to insert a clover shaped plastic insert into a 45degree fitting and force water thru it, the center section of the clover insert directs water and the indents of the clover allow the intake of air. However it is more efficient than a ETSS and generates sufficent bubble densities using a lower powered pump. The remaining box and riser are traditional in design.
I linked to the AquaC site becuz Mr Kim given and excellent description of skimmers and their applications and makes a good counter point to my article.

I find the AquaC skimmers work fine when powered w/ a correct size pump, and if you should follow a more rigourous cleaning schedule as the air intakes have been observed to clog quickly. W/ that said, these skimmer have a good reputation.
The upcoming articles on skimmer design and skimate should generate much interest, as the opinions of what works best (or worst) are as varied as each person themselves. I'll try to take a more simplistic approach to addressing this question, but as you can imagine there are many ways to acheive the same outcome.
Thanks again