Aquacave is the Best !


New member
I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know that Aquacave is one of the best ! I had an order that I placed yesterday afternoon, I didn't want to wait for it to ship so I called this morning and asked if I could pick it up. They said no problem and asked when I would be there, I told them 12pm and they said they would pull my order and have it waiting for me. I arrived at 12 noon and there it was along with a very friendly smiling face.....a couple of handshakes later and I was on the road. They even issued a refund for my shipping and told me that anytime they would be glad to help out. These guys are awesome considering they don't even have a retail storefront. Thanks for the outstanding customer service and keep up the good work !! I will be making all of my reef purchases from Aquacave .