aquanotes updates


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I know if they change the software version from i.e. version 2 to version 3 they do a "special" or what have you. But what about when they go from 3.1.25 to 3.2. Is there a update page to download the bug fix or ??
Yes, 3.2 will work with the AC2. The new features add from 3.0 to 3.2 are:

- Email authentication
- Support for Ethernet connection to AC3 & AC3PRO
- Support for the AC3, AC3PRO, and ACJr


What are the differences from 3.1.25? Should I upgrade this version? I have a ACIII Pro and a ACII.
For 3.1 to 3.2 we added support for the ACJr. For you it is not really necessary to upgrade to 3.2.