Are bricks harmful to the tanks?


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Hi folks... I need to use some bricks to sit my Skimmer on so I was thinking about using bricks to stack up and have my skimmer sit on it in my sump. Are they harmful to my tank? Please let me know. Thank you in advance.
I don't know the answer to your question.
My question is why don't you use eggcrate??
Alternatively, get some large diameter PVC pipes cut and use them to prop the skimmer up. For instance, if you wanted the skimmer lifted 6 inches, go and get a few pieces of 3 or 4 inch diameter PVC cut to 6 inches (OSH cuts for free, though not accurately!) Then sit the skimmer on the pvc like columns!

You don't want to use bricks they might leak contamanits in the water that can kill every thing in the tank.The PVC is a good idea and there are many ways to raise your skimmer
Bricks can be very harmful to fish, especially when you smash them with one. :D

I concur, make something out of PVC or acrylic. I'd avoid ABS. If you have some old tupperware you want to chuck, that might work also. Just drill some holes in it.
hehe.. i think bricks are harmful to people too if you smash them into one.. but yeah, i think something more inert like people above are saying would be safer.
You could probably use concrete bricks or blocks, but I'd advise soaking them in a strong vinegar/water solution for a week or so, so they don't affect your water chemistry. I know of a couple of people who have used cinder blocks to build their reef on. Works ok, but looks pretty ghetto till they finish the reef, and the blocks coralline over...