Article on precipitation of phosphate in seawater

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Article on precipitation of phosphate in seawater


Marine Polyphosphate: A Key Player in Geologic Phosphorus Sequestration
Julia Diaz, Ellery Ingall, Claudia Benitez-Nelson, David Paterson, Martin D. de Jonge, Ian McNulty, Jay A. Brandes

The in situ or authigenic formation of calcium phosphate minerals in marine sediments is a major sink for the vital nutrient phosphorus. However, because typical sediment chemistry is not kinetically conducive to the precipitation of these minerals, the mechanism behind their formation has remained a fundamental mystery. Here, we present evidence from high-sensitivity x-ray and electrodialysis techniques to describe a mechanism by which abundant diatom-derived polyphosphates play a critical role in the formation of calcium phosphate minerals in marine sediments. This mechanism can explain the puzzlingly dispersed distribution of calcium phosphate minerals observed in marine sediments worldwide.


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Amzing how much gets consumed by said algae based on the small ammounts available!! Great link!

This Blew me away!

Because oceanic phosphorus influences atmospheric
carbon dioxide levels over geologic time
through regulation of marine primary productivity
(2), geologic fluctuations in phosphorus burial
efficiency brought on by changes in diatom abundance
may have also exerted substantial paleoclimatic

Does anyone know if it works inversly also? meaning do elevated CO2 levels also effect P in the same manner?