asm mufflers


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i have a asm g2 skimmer that makes a noise, i can deal with it my wife on the other hand it seems to bother her. i had seen on reef central before that there was a type of pvc muffler for the one line that draws air into the pump. it looked basic to build it. i was wondering if anyone knows how to or the dimensions and does it have holes in it to breathe?

thanx in advance

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I made one out of a section of 1" pvc and 2 end caps. i drilled several 1/8" holes in one end and put a JG fitting in the other with a 1" chunk of line to slide the existing tubing over, then put some filter floss inside. Or you could just plumb the line into the collection cup about 3/4 of the way up or just even with the top of the neck then drill a 1/4" hole in the lid near the edge. My current skimmer is done that way and it is quiet and my venturi never clogs with salt.
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