Badgers or Lighting Gurus, questions: use of MV ballast for 6500K Jap 400W or

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Hello Badgers and Lighting Gurus,
I had questions regarding the use of a Mercury Vapor ballast instead of a MH nallast for ligghting the 400 and 250w 6500K Iswaki Bullbs which are MV bulbs and not MH bulbs. I've heard that some resistance or other factor can cause problems with MH ballasts, to fire thee bulb.
Is there any difference regarding light output, Bulblife, colrchange, noise, and especially powerconsumption. That's my main concern. I've also heard that this is higher with MV ballasts.
Also are there any good catalogs to order wholesale lighting and electric supplies , that you recommend, that's clear and understandable. I have a wholesalers licence and business licence and was currious if I can piece things together. I've allways enjoyed the DIY aspect of the hobby and am currently rewiring the Icecaps I got. Also any good book on DIY electric installations and safety procedures? Always learning and never let anything limit yourself.
Badgers, I agree with your previous input that MH is prefferable. Love them ripples. I would probably go 250W, since electricity is an issue.
Thanks for all your help.
93! Heinrich
i got my 400w MH/MV ballast off of ebay for 45 bux plus shipping. it came with capacitor, coil ballast, socket, mouting bracket, and cords. good deal in my book 65 bux total shipped. just do a search on "metal halide" and look for the one thats 45 dollars, he's always selling them on ebay. i heard something about the MV ballasts being better for the iwasakis but dont know the exact reasons why. bulb life is what ive heard but i've only had the bulb for 1-2 months and couldnt give you an accurate answer.
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Iwasaki's are not supposed to be run on ballasts with a peaking capacitor.

I ordered new ballasts for a total of $30.00 which includes tax and shipping so, I'm not sure $65.00 is a good deal.

KW where did you get a ballast for $30? Any good sources for the rest of the manufacturing components. Was that a MV or a MH ballast and what wattage? If you get it please inform me what make and model. I can get Spiderlight reflectors cheap locally for $40 whsl. So if I find some ballasts for cheap and apparopiate wiring that would be great.
Anyone else use MV ballasts?
93! Heinrich

My local wholesaler odered them from Advance Transformer. They only had about 50 when I ordered mine.

The wholsesaler ordered part # 71A3802-600 which is a 250 watt, MV ballast with HX-NPF circuit type. It is NOT an enclosed ballast.

I must say that they are working quite well and as a bonus the ballast is much smaller than any other I have owned.

whats wrong with the capacitor and coil ballast? just curious. im wondering what the difference is.
The MV ballasts use a lot more current than the MH ballasts. I checked when ordering 400W ballasts with the manufacturer. As I remember the current draw on the MV was almost twice that of the MH.
my advance cap and coil draw 2.2 amps. more than the vho icecap ballasts at 4.4.
food for thought. :)
PFO says you can run Iwaski lamps on there MH. MV was't energy and only can use 65k bulbs. You won't be able to use another if you have MV. I don't think PFO would recommend or say it was okay to run 65k on a MH if it wasn't.
Wow.. never thought that MV ballast would eat that much more current! Now you guys are making me think if I should get MH ballast instead of MV ballast to run the Iwasaki.

where can you get the Spider reflector for $40 around the bay area?

vho icecap has a peak draw of 4.4 amps. That number is derived from running 4 - 110W vhos (The most wattage you can get out of it) It does NOT use 4.4 amps all the time, only when the bulbs that it is firing total up to 4.4 amps

food for thought :D


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