beautiful red macroalgae at lfs, not sure if I should take chance


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Hi all the lfs has some beautiful red macroalgae, but its attatched to a cynaria and the price is $50, I don't really care much for the cynaria though, mostly want the macro, but anywho I was wondering if I de-attatched it from the cynaria would the macroalgae still live? I am not sure exactly what type it is, it is large and branching, branches about pencil thick, and looks like it is filled with water and soft so I don't know if I could "frag" the algae. Anyways any input/direction to look would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi, cal :)

Rubber-band or otherwise secure the alga to its new anchorage and you should be okay.

For many algae, any point of contact can become an anchorage, but if you want to play safe, then retain the original point of anchorage and coak attachment right there.

Cool I'll just have to find the money now lol, but thats ok, nobody has picked it up yet so I should have a good change of obtaining it. The macro is actually better looking than the coral:D .