better luck with these angels


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I have a juv blueface right now.(not in the big tank yet) I want to try to put another angel in with him at the same time. what would be better to try a Asfur Angel or a Emp? going in my 240 7 foot FOWLR tank.


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What colors is your blueface? If it still has the lined marking, then a juvi emperor will fight with it, since the juvi colors are very similar. If the blueface already has adult colors (most do, even at small sizes) then go for the emperor. IMO though, emperor's need to be the boss, so I'd get him slightly bigger then the blueface.


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Emps are prettier imo. When I bought my emp I chose between it and an asfur at the lfs. Emps are huge bosses though mine is top dog in an extremely aggressive tank.


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yeah the blueface has his adult colors but his not very big maybe 3 to 4 inchs. So get a Emp. that is a large juvi will be best??