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So this morning once I turned the lights on and fed my tank I noticed that my pair of clowns was acting weird. Upon close examination I noticed both had some filmy white substance hanging off their head area. It was swaying in the current, and then came off. Now I did alittle research, and it appears that my fishy friends have brooklynella. There is not much info on treatment of the disease. It seems we are in the early stages... the fish are eating well, and seem to be doing well so far, but I would like to start any treatment possible, as the outlook of this disease usually looks grim. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Act quickly! I came home from work one day and noticed my clown had the filmy flaps and I quickly set up a hospital tank for him and figured out what meds he needed. After I put him in a dip with the meds and put him in his hospital tank he died about an hour later. It took about five hours from the time I came home till the time he died. It's a fast killer. Hope your little guys make it. Let us know what happens.