Brown eggs on Zoanthids, what are they?


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I have a colony of zoanthids in my reef tank, today I noticed a mass about the size of a dime composed of what looks like light brown eggs. The tank contains 3 different species of snails, as well as a flame angel and firefish. Could this be one of the snails work? Each egg is about 1 to 2 mm across.
The nudibranchs have white-colored eggs growing in a curley-que kind of form. So, if the ones you see are brown, it's something else.
Here is a pic, it's a bit overexposed to get better contrast, but I swear this looks like a piece of ricordia I have on the substrate!
I have a blue ric that looks like this, here are two more pic's with just the 14K halides. The ricordia rock and this rock did touch once when the zoanthid rock fell, could the ric have migrated?


man thats a tough call. but its not snail eggs, or bubble algae. its hard to say if its a ricordia or a bubble anenome of some sort. but i would think if it was either of those, the zoos would be closing up around it.
Looks like its time to frag some zoos :D
I think its a ric. There is no way those are eggs or bubble algae.

I would peel off some zoos and look for a mouth.
Hmm, can they coexist? This rock is kinda small to begin with, and its also at the midpoint of my rockwork and under 150 watts of 14K metal halide, can the ricordia survive? What should I do?
First, thank all of you that helped figure this out. Secondly, isn't the power of nature amazing? In just a quick contact with a ricordia rock, a polyp can migrate and attach that fast with no help from us. The force of life and survival in all organisms large and small is simply amazing.:rollface: