BRS Kalk


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Ok so i am going to start dosing KALK thru ATO.

My understanding is max is 2 tsp per gallon of RO/DI water.....
I will start at like 1/2tsp per gallon and adjust from there.

Ok, so i add to the ro/di, mix up and then let settle?
I don't want to use the slurry at the bottom?
Or do I want to keep it shaken or mixed prior to adding?

If I dont mix up ongoing do you toss the slurry after each batch.
I am going to start by filling 1 gal jugs for now and eventually get like a 5g bucket to get me thru about a 10 days for top off.


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Your starting dose is fine. You only stir when you add more kalk and water. I turn off my ATO for 90 minutes to let the slurry settle.Do not dose the slurry. You don't have to clean out the slurry every time you refill. Just make sure you clean it out before your pump starts sucking it up. You will want to dose very slowly into a high flow area. Peristaltic pumps work best IMO. Test often until you get your dosage figured out.


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Ok, so I just mix it up at first, let settle than dose. I plan to use an aqualifter and a float switch thru controller.

So when I make extra kalk top off, i can leave the slurry or remove it. Just either way let settle again before dosing.

Also do i then keep the intake hose a fw inches from the bottom so not to suck the slurry


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Leave the slurry and yes make sure your not sucking slurry off the bottom. Keep your line up off the bottom A few inches.


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Whatever amount you dose and I think 2tsp/gallon is the usual recommendation, whatever is not saturated into the water will go to the bottom. The slurry on the bottom will keep the water above it saturated. The vast majority of however much you mix in will go to the bottom. If you were keeping it in an air tight container you would strain it through newspaper or a several coffee filters and you would have a crystal clear fully saturated lime water solution. Don't do this is, its just to make the point that what you dose should be clear and not cloudy.


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2 tsp per gallon is full strength. Many tanks require that much or more, but starting at 1/2 tsp per gallon seems like a reasonable choice to me. Better safe than sorry.