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Hiya all,

I'am new to this with my very first marine tank its 5ftx2ftx3ft the tank was bought with live rock in it as it had been an established tank for 3yr up untill 3/4 mnth ago when the man sold the fish & decided to sell the tank i got the tank but not the fish, we have just got it filled with water from the fish farm all done its been done about 2 week & i have noticed 4 small creatures moving round the tanks rock in the last 2 days, i took a picture to the fish farm & he said they are bubble tip anemone & they need feeding... I haven't been feeding as tank is maturing & i had no fish in it or coral they have suddenly appeared biggest one only the size of 10p and smallest the size of half my little finger nail & bright green, my question is should i be adding feed for them well the tank is still maturing or not?

Thanks :D


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Hi there,
Good find on your anemones. However, they might not be bubble tips. Tulip anemones or majanos are far more common and hardier and they are much smaller that bubble tips as well. I am not sure if they 'walk' around like BTA in fact do. The first thing to do is to identify them positively. Can you post pictures? Also, have you been keeping the rocks under light? If so, what kind?
Finally, just as a general piece of advice, I wouldn't suggest feeding these creatures as first you want to make sure they are indeed something you want to keep and then, if they are under light they can survive well.
What do you mean by '10p' size?


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Thanks for you'r reply :) i have added some pics below as it would be good if they could be identified, the colour on pic isn't great they are like illuminated green specially on the tips wich in the pic you can't see very well... They are under light, the tank came with a massive light unit mix of blue & white off the top of my head he said they were T5 or T8 bulbs & there are a total of 8 bulbs...
The biggest is around the size of my thumb nail it seems to of settled onto a crack in the rock at the min, would be nice to know what they are :) cheers


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I agree with Oscar, they are likely majano anemones. Snap a few pics and post them here so we can confirm for you.



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I have added some pics above... do they not show up? wasn't exactly sure how to get them up lol


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does anybody have an idea?? 3 of them have settled on the rock & stopped moving round but the dinky one is still on the move :)