Building a 40 gallon sump


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So I'm gonna build a 40 gallon breeder for a sump. My questions are 1 how do I calculate what the rerun pump needs to be for GPH I have a 65 gallon aquarium that is 48 L x 13 w x 24 H, I would like to run a return line that tees off in two two return outlets! 2 I will have to run an job overflow how do I calculate what GPH that needs to be? Thanks in advance for any help

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So my opinion is to run a return pump that's rated the same gph as your skimmer. Me Personally I love over rating my pumps and controlling them to lower setting. But you don't want the water flowing to fast in the system skimmer will never eat up what's it needs. But having a bigger pump that's controable always allow to tee of to other extras that you would normally run pumps to which makes a excellent space saver and money saver.