Bulk reef supply media reactors


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I have the dual unit and love it....easy to change media and can change out carbon and leave phosban running in it. I love it.


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I have a dual unit also and am very happy with it. I am not thrilled with the stiff tubing they use but it's very secure.


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have the single, should have got the dual. great product, well made easy to use & works great imo
will get another sometime for gfi. using carbon & gfi in one i have now. with carbon on bottom & gfi on top. brs did not recommend doing this though. have bottom sponge between carbon & gfi. working so far


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very happy with my dual . Going to get one more dual to make a nitrate reactor they sale a kit for it also with every thing !


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have the single for my new build....probably shoulda bought the dual LOL

eventually will probably buy either another single or the dual & sell the single or maybe use if for something else