Bylaws on webiste


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Is it possible to get a copy of our bylaws posted to the c-sea website, there's something I wanted to check out and didn't want to wait until the next meeting to do so...or if someone has a hard copy maybe they could scan/email it to me at




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Thx Mike! I was going to send it as soon as I got home. I have it on the downstairs computer and saw this post from the phone.

Jen I hope you aren't trying to figure out how to skim $10k from the C-SEA bank accounts for college ;) :lol:

I will be trying to get with all of the board members sometime soon to arrange a board meeting.


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Funny you Say that kevin i was just about to email you about that exact same thing ...When the new board members should get together at lest to meet and greet and get some scheduling out of the way..