Can I get some advice on my new clam?


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I bought a 2" Maxima almost 2 weeks ago and put it in my 5.5 Gallon nano for quarantine. I have 2 clams in my 55G reef that have been doing great, and I didn't want to take the chance of possibly infecting them with the disease/parasite problem that has been going around.

When I got the clam, it was slightly bleached in the center and has become more bleached in the last week. I didn't think it was a big deal when I bought it, since one other clam I have purchased was like this, and even developed a slight hole in the mantle that healed after a couple of weeks. That was under 400W Mh however, and the lighting in the nano is one 32W PC.

I am wondering if I should just move it over to the main tank and risk the introduction of disease, or wait it out and leave it alone? My plan was to wait at least 2 months before adding him to the main tank. I don't want to lose this clam, but it would be worse to introduce a problem into my main tank and kill 3 clams. :(

This little guy sucks down phyto though! I dose Tahitian Blend until the water is green, and about 1 hour later it is crystal clear again. :D I picked up a bottle of DT's too, and have added that to the mix, although it is a lot less concentrated and I would be broke if I tried to use it as a regular food!
QT him, 32 watts of light will be fine for a few weeks, but for 2 months...I honestly don't know. Most likely he will be okay.

As far at Tahitian Blend goes - Fogedaboudit. Particle size is way too big for maximas to absorb. As far as DT's go, in order for the clams to be able to actually 'eat' most of it, you must break down the particle size even further. This can simply be done in a clean electrical blender - pulvarize for 30 seconds. Serves 2 to 8.

Where did you purchase your clam? Online Vendor? If you purchased it from Harbor Aquatic or an ORA source, then your clam should be disease free. These are a few sources that get Marshall Island farmed raised clams directly from the source w/ no middle men. The problem lies with the L.A. wholesalers, although the major L.A. wholesaler, does get Marshall Island farm raised clams directly from the MI Farm, he Foolishly places them in the same holding tanks with the disease infested Ponphei clams, Moron with a capital M. (Although he claims he doesn't, - LIAR.)

Also be ready for new twists in this whole infected Ponphei fiasco, Ponphei clams will begin to enter the U.S. market as 'Jakarta', 'Truc', or some other 'exotic' sounding destination, anything but the dreaded 'Ponphei' name which is now so well known for it's dismal survival record.

Mashall Island Farmed raised are the way to go. Directly from the source.

Good luck w/ your clam.

P.S. A freshwater dip, before adding the clam to your tank after the QT period will work well. Follow Minh's advice, 30 min FW dip.
Thanks for the reply. The clam came from a local store, and it is farm raised, but came through LA.

I'm a little scared of that fw dip.

The clam seems to be doing ok, and is very active as most clams are when first placed in a tank. He has moved himself to face the light, and closes when shadowed etc.

I think we disagree about TB, and DT's, but that's ok. ;)

I think I will leave him in there for at least a month. He is still opening fully, and his center seems to have reached an equilibrium. It hasn't lost any more color in the last few days.

Thanks for the advice.
TB's and DT's??

The best food for clams is BLOOD. I', DEAD serious about this too. HUGE growth rates feeding blood, or so I've heard.

But I use DT's too.

Sorry sir, for knocking you out and draining a quart of your blood.

My clam was hungry...

Maybe my counselor is right, I'll try to catch your dog next time instead of using your blood.

:T Hmmm.... funnier in my head.
Dammit dammit dammit

Dammit dammit dammit

I added the little guy to my tank at home and...

of course... last nigth, the pinched mantle, and the clam looks almost completely dead today. I did dip the poor guy, which probably did not a damn thing.


Now I am guaranteed the loss of my other two clams now... this sucks.