Can you have to big a skimmer?


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I was think about getting the Octopus DNW-150 for my tank BUT my tank is 33 and a 20 gallon sharing a 20 gallon sump. The 33 is going to be SPS n fish and the 20 gallon is a peacock mantis tank. Can I do more harm then good if I skimm to much, becuase that skimmer is rated for up to 180gallons?


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I feel skimmers are over rated, (a skimmer rated for 180 gal. works well on a 90)
I use a G-2 with 80 gal. total water volume..
I think that skimmer would be fine for that volume too.
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Not to hijack, but along the same lines...I agree products (for everything) are overrated. I have Top Fathom 500 skimmer (rated for 500g.) and a 100 gallon tank. I had planned on chopping the skimmer to downsize, but I’ve since changed my mind. I figured it’s a bit older technology and I will get a bigger tank some day. So, is this skimmer too big?


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as long as the skimmers water volume isnt more than the tank its skimming id say youre good;)

So a volcano on a nano is a bad idea?



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So a volcano on a nano is a bad idea?


a volcano is never a good idea.

read the volcano club thread ;)