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This fish is listed as a "Candy Bass":


I can't find any info on this fish at the usual places (MarineDepot, LiveAquaria etc).
Liopropoma swalesi - Pacific Candy Basslet

Or it's Caribbean cousin

Liopropoma rubre - Swissguard Basslet

Neither one is that rare or that expensive in the US.

I believe the one pictured is Liopropoma carmabi, a deepwater Caribbean fish rarely seen in the trade. They normally go anywhere north of $800. The one linked is the much less expensive relative Liopropoma swalesi, which until recently was practically unheard of in the trade. The carmabi has brighter, more neon-like colors than the swalesi.
The fish pictured is Liopropoma carmabi. Funny thing is, the lfs I work for got an L. swalesi--at the time, we even knew it was rare, but our distributor sold it to us cheap, so we sold it for $40.
I have three diff varieties at one time also. They are very hard to identify. One is brighter, one has more neon and so on. I cant belive the liopropoma camabi is so freakn expensive but you can get a copy of one for pennies! Mine does have alittle pink on it under 10k so manybe i should sell it for more, lol. The pink however is not as bright as your pic
Definately a Carnabi. The few I saw were $800 and blew the coloration of a swissgaurd or swalesi out of the water.
Whatever the case, I refuse to pay anymore then $100 for a fish that could die in transit, QT etc. :D

guess I am the only one who had them all (L.rubre, L.swalesi, L.carmabi) :D

The fish pictured is as correctly state L.carmabi. From the species I keept it is the most recommended one as it is a lot more out in the open then the other members. Plus the awsome coloration makes this fish a center piece of any tank. But the price is heavy :(
Swalesi is hidding the most, rubre is also hidding a lot.

I keep all of them in pairs and enjoy them a lot. More info on my webiste in german unfortunately - sorry but just have not time for translating.