catching manitis shrimps?


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Do mantis shrimps enter nets/traps I was wondering if I put some yabbie nets out, baited with fish, they have an Entrance Funnle at each end i was thinking Flatterys Corner, a long sand beach in South Australia might be a good place to put them, or is the only way to catch them by going diving on the off chance that you might see one? :confused:
if you can get access on board a prawn trawler, they'll probably pull out a few mantis :D

imo, go with the traps.... oh wait! i have an article in a magazine on catching mantis without evev needing to dive.

email me on and i'll send you a scan.

prawn trawler is still your best bet though :D
ive tried the prawn trawler thing already. its kinda hard to contact those fisherman. i got no where fast.

if you can get some caught in the net yabbie i would be happy to purchase some of you. from what ive heard and read the are all pretty drabs colours around here but who cares when you dont have to worry about a heater and their free!

hey dreamscape can you also send that to me at

let me know if you want any more info yabbie. im happy to help!

catch ya gang
In Italy, Squilla mantis are taken in baited traps that look like lobster pots. Squilla are nocturnal and will forage away from their burrows at night.

I have had some luck catching Pseudosquilla ciliata using small "eel" traps. They are your typical funnel traps, probably similar to what you describe. The problem was that I also caught a lot of morays who ate the pods.

hmm i might be able to catch some :)

hmm i might be able to catch some :)

thanx Roy ;) i might have a chance at catching some, i probably wont catch any, but its worth a try...
i'll send them on thurs/fri.
the method that the magazine shows can be used for burrowing types, though best keep a net handy if ur going to use it under water :)
I tried using a yabbie net which i left over night and caught 7 rock crabs its a shame the enterance funnels went bigger i could of got some nice sized ones. i left the net about 2-5 metres from the weed line that explains why there were rock crabs in it, next time i try ill use at least 5 nets and leave them about 20m from the weed line and probably catch undersized sand crabs i might try using a shrimp net aswell so no crabs can fit in.

I asked A lady who used to work at the petrol station/General store, about 4 years ago what crabs and things you could catch there, she described a crayfish/prawn looking creature that some times washes up on the beach after storms and is good to eat when she told me this i didnt take any notice of, but it makes me think is the creatue she was discribed a mantis?
My son catches them off the coast of North Carolina using a cast net. He has a 5" one right now that he caught today. Most of what we have off our coast are spearers. I need a web site to ID them, it is grey and green with very bright green eyes. He sells them to the LFS.