caulerpa decaying in refuge


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everything in my main tank looks great but it seems my refuge is struggling.

I have bought caulerpa twice and it just seems to eventually die.

I have the lights running on a reverse cycle from my main tank.

any suggestions?



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I use the same grape type and that has happened to me . your tank is to clean most likely. It seems to happen once a year to me. I rip it to short sometimes and its not good to do that i guess. Try a 24 light cycle for two weeks and see if it has white growth tips. I run two 54w 67 k t5 24hrs a day. add ferrion brightwell makes it . and feed more let me know in a month. I add a five second hard squirt from the bottle to a 100 gal refuge, when its not growing and it seems to help. good luck i hope this helps you.


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I have it growing on a rock in my main, my hermits keep it mowed for me. I read somewhere if you crush it, its better than a clean cut but idk where. Make sure you have some rock in your fuge for it to grow on the roots attach to the rock which I didnt know until after getting it in my main! Thats all the suggestion I have :( good luck on growing it though mine grows like a weed if I had a rock to replace that one I def would