chillers and nanos


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Hey there, I am breaking into a nano for the first time after having a 120.
curious, do folks use chillers in their nano? like the ice probe or something?
I am looking at the AP24 the NC24 and the BioCube 29 none will have MH lighting and I will keep softies. seeking more expereinced opinions.



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Yes, some people do use chillers in their nanos. I think many of us use a combination of open top and fans to evaporation cool our tanks though.


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I think the stock systems stay cool enough without any help. You could even reverse 1 or both fans in the stock systems to help cool it even more. When my NC24DX was stock (long time ago) it stayed at around 78 all the time. When I added a 70w MH into the hood, it only made it climb to about 80 without any additional cooling. Now I have an open top with a 150w MH and have seen a temp drop to 79 but a lot more evap.


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It all depends on the environment you keep the tank in. When I was at school i had an apartment where all the bills were paid, so i could keep my apartment cool to keep my tank cool. I have a 12 gallon eclipse ( everyone says they suck but i love it) with a 70 watt halide on it. It used to stay at 78 in my apartment no problem. Now i have moved to a house and it is harder to keep the temp down without paying a 700 electric bill every month.

I added a fan to cool it down because it was reaching 84 to 85v there for a while when it was over 100 for an entire month. THe problem with that was i was having to add 10 to 12 cups.

So, i have now gone with a chiller. I am going home today to hook it up. We will see how that works out.

Basically your environment has a lot to do with what temp your tank will stay at. Since it has less water, ambient temp around the tank will have more effect on it quicker.

hope this helps


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i have an eclipse that is no longer an eclipse i replaced to sstock filtration with a fluval 105 and im going topless (oooo la la la) with a 20 inch 150 watt sunpod hanging over my tank its about 8 inches off the water surface and my temp stays at 79 degrees the thing is on these smaller tanks a chiller can have almost too much of an effect on the tank to where you have water coming back from your sump or an area of your tank that the water is too cold

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I have the JBJ 24, and the temp was getting into the low 80's. Then the summer heat came along and it was getting in the mid 80's. I knew it was bad when some of my yumas started to detach. So I got a chiller, Don't bother with this one, it ran all the time and wasn't powerful enought for the 24 gallon. Maybe the 12's or 6's. So I went withe the 1/10 JBJ, runs perfect.