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hi... im getting ready to buy some new toys for my new reef tank... the tank itself will be 3 by 3 by 2... a basic 3ft cube tank... i ll have a corner overflow and be running 2200gph return pump on the tank... i wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on which tunze pump i should invest in?? i only want a single powerhead in the tank since i think the return will produce enough movement... i was looking into getting either a turbelle classic or tunze stream... but im open to any other suggestions... thanks

it will be a sps n clam only
When they come out a small Stream 6000 would be a possibility, otherwise I would get a 7410/2. The classics are nice but higher maintenance and control possibilities are extra and make for a more expensive package. The 7410/2 includes a controller and is much more user friendly. A 2002 or 4002 does require bearing replacement and a complete overhaul every few years, this beyond most peoples abilities so you will have some down time when it is sent to me for service.

any idea when the stream 6000 will be available?? and will it have a controller as well? (I noticed that the 6080 doesnt have the controller package). And it seems that the 7410/2 is $30 more expensive then the 4002? any particular feature one has then the other?
To control the 4002 you will need either a 708/2 or 7082/2 so you must spend an additional $150-$250. The 7410/2 includes the single controller. The 6000 is an electronic pump, I don't know if it will be offered as a 6010 with single controller or not, we are looking into ways to streamline production and dropping this prepackaged kit form of our pumps is one option that would help, at any rate it is compatible with the controller, model 6060 will be the 6080 like smaller uncontrollable pump. Initially we expected March delivery of the smaller stream, however I am backordered one month on the current models and suspect the release will be delayed, due to computer and production problems.

i forgot that i still needed to purchase a separate controller w/ the 4002... i might still lean towards a classic since i like the idea of the pump sitting on top of the aquarium and its not as visible as the 7410... if repairs need to be done w/ a classic.. can the repairs be done w/o sending them back to you?
It is not so much of a repair as a regular scheduled maintanence, the bearings need replacemnet, 3 years is the norm, if you run them too deep more often. You can do it yourself, it is not impossible, for the uninitiated it takes about 1 hr. I charge $15 labor/cleaning charge and generally turn the pump around in 24hrs, parts including bearings and repair kit comes to about $30. It basically depends how mechanically inclined you are, some of the parts are small, basically if you can do some basic work on your car you probably can handle this too.

i see... well since there is a smaller stream pump coming out, would it be better to wait on that or stick w/ the 7410/2 like you suggested?
My absolute honest opinion is get the Stream or two, and cut way back on your return, i don't know how you are going to do 2200gph without it sounding like Niagara falls, not to mention how will the skimmer function properly with so much turbulence. Two 6000 and a multicontroller and a "normal" return of 3-5times volume will probably be more appropriate. In general using your return to produce flow is a bad idea.

thanks for all the advice... i guess i ll have to wait til the smaller streams come out... luckily the new tank isnt up and running yet... i dont like using the return as water movement either... but i dont want too many things hanging in the tank... 2200 gph is not going to be the turnover... it was the total gph i needed from the pump to move water from the sump so i can split most of the water back to the tank (1200-1500gph) and the other half to feed a refugium (300-500gph) which would be gravity fed back into the sump
I think given the volume of 135gallons I would recommend something in the neighborhood of 1200-1500gph, Gormann Rupp makes a great pump, very quiet, very powerful and reliable. I know Champion has them, probably a few other places too. This will give you a 5 time return to the tank and 2 times through the refugium at about 6ft of head. Trust me, don't boil your sump with flow, nothing will work right, you will have hell hooking up a top off system, it will be loud with or without durso pipes and the saltcreep will make you crazy. With any luck the 6000 will be out in March.