Circulation requirements


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Alright so I have a 75 gal tank with no sump atm. I have two powerheads and my skimmer. The two powerheads are producing about 1000gph flow. I have no idea how much flow my skimmer gives me. I am planning on adding one more powerhead, a 650gph one, to provide more flow behind my rocks. This should put me over 1700gph. (giving my skimmer an estimated 50gph which Im sure it pushes more than that) I have had people say anywhere from 7x up through 50x your tanks compacity in gph. I intend to add a sump within the next few months whern I have the money, so Im assuming this will add another 500+ gph?

Is this a fair amount of circulation for a mixed reef tank with mainly softys?


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For soft corals, 750 gph total flow is likely enough. That's about the rate of flow in my soft coral tank, proportionately. I'd probably target around 200 gph flow through the sump. More than that isn't really needed.