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How important is a clean up crew? I have a new rebuild of a tank with plenty of live rock, a few hitch-hiker crabs, tiny bristle star fish, and snails. I am experiencing an algae bloom on the glass and on some of the sand that doesn't have as much water flow and am wondering how important a clean up crew will need to be. I am planning on adding the remaining corals and fish tonight or this weekend. attached is the tank as is (210dt w 40g breeder sump). Fish will include a large scat, bicolor angel, flame back angel and 2 pajama cardinals. Corals to be added are primarily SPS type. Current corals appear to be thriving as CA and ALk are decreasing- I am trying to get on top of daily adding this to keep up with the demand. Sorry for the blurring pic - should give you an idea of what my tank is, and more accurately what kind of photographer I am.


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Your hair algae is best controlled through lowering NO3 and PO4. There are threads here with various suggested fish and so on.


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To answer your question, your CUC is important not just for algae control (which I've found minimal TBH) but moreso for detritus/excess food removal between WCs and other maintenance. You'd be surprised how much nitrate detritus and excess food will produce if left untouched. A good bunch of cerith and nassarius snails, just to name a few, will keep your tank water much much nicer between WCs. As mentioned above, algae is easily controlled via nutrient export, but not so much detritus/excess food.