Color change in Blue Damsel


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Came home this evening and doing my once over of the tank notice that the Blue Damsel is 1/2 dark and 1/2 light.

Never seen this before in any kind of "healthy fish" has me worried a little. He ate fine this morning and is eating again now. No aggression from him or any others ourside normal, Anyone seen this before??

Everything and everyone else is normal and doing fine and so is he, he is just colored different.

Heres a couple of pics,




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i have read that some species of damsels do change coloration as they get older( juvenile to adult) that almost looks like a fiji blue devil, but i could be wrong( i have had several of those species and they did change to a lighter blue from darker as they got older) but it's still only my opinion


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Still the same this morning, eating well. He is the first Saltwater fish I ever bought.

Half feal like I should quarnatine him and would if he was not acting perfectly normal.


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Well its a week later and he has now "today" turned back to his solid bright ble self, and heck I was just getting used to him being two- toned I would really like to know what changed his color in that way!!

Here he is today!!