Combotherm for calcium


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I've been doing some reading on supplementing calc/alk/mag. Up until now I didn't have a need. I was looking into making my own supplements and keep seeing people using mag flake for the recipes. I can't find any locally but did see it available online. I have a few bags of Combotherm made by Dow that contains calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and Sodium chloride. the problem is that about half of the flakes contain a green dye. The dye disappears after use ( it also states this on the bag). Is this safe to use for calc/alk/mag recipes?|1;d|uqshVgU6GCeH4M:


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In a word no. Dyes can be quite toxic sometimes. There are a few brands that enough people have used so that we can say they must be safe. If you step outside of that you're on your own. Nobody really can ever know what kind of trace impurities you may find.

I like getting the brs pharmaceutical grade stuff. I know that is safe and in the end it doesn't cost me that much for the peace of mind it provides.